Media Details & Delivery

Just recently got my Twitter and started Tweeting. Still getting familiar with the network and connecting with other accounts, so please send any tips my way if you notice I'm doing something wrong.

In order to differentiate my social profiles and clarify the media being published to each, I have released a general schedule in the order content will be released, details on the content, and to what social network.

Twitter will be different than my other social media profiles. I ask my Twitter followers to reply with feedback to my rough draft video clips I Tweet to help perfect and tailor the final production to you, my fans. Thanks for the support!

Video Content Release Schedule & Details

  1. Twitter - Short 15-20 second rough draft edited video clips

  2. Facebook - 30-40 second mixed raw and edited videos

  3. Instagram - 1 minute long edited videos with music

  4. Website - Final productions will first be posted on the homepage of my website, then a few days later will be released on YouTube and Vimeo. Join my mailing list to get notified when new videos are released on the website, click here to join.

  5. YouTube + Vimeo - + 2 minutes edited videos

  6. MaxWrist Gold - Paid premium content of RAW unedited MaxWrist GoPro footage